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Helpful Stories

This is where you’ll find stories and creative reflections to inspire you and move you. More will be added week by week.

Notes to a Novice

In this short film, Father Christopher offers some reflections from his time as a 'novice', and some helpful tips to those who may be novices when it comes to self-isolating.

Notes to a Novice

Notes to a Novice

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Locked Down Psalm.jpg

Locked Down Psalm

Fr Xavier Perrin has written a psalm addressing the feelings of grief some of us may be facing during this uncertain time.


In this piece, he shares how faith can be a powerful tool to feel a sense of comfort and peace during this crisis.

If you can't....jpg

If You Can't... Poem

Fr Luke Bell OSB has written a poem on ways we can use the lockdown period as a tool for reflection. 

In this piece, he comments that despite not being able to go outside, this is an opportunity to look within and examine our relationships, virtues, and capacity for love.

Get Out Of Your Head

Fr Luke Bell OSB has written a reflection about manual labour and how practical, daily tasks can be a useful coping strategy for those experiencing isolation or social distancing.

Alone_Get out of your head.jpg

The Silence is your Friend

Fr Luke Bell OSB has written a reflection about silence. Use these words as a you go about your daily business, such as working, taking exercise, reading a good book etc.