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Some people have experienced extreme isolation either by choice or by force. In these resources, they share their insights about how to cope. We will be adding more inspirational stories as the pandemic continues.

The Isolation Experts' Guide to Lockdown Living

The Guardian have written an article that features Alone [Together] offering tips on 'lockdown living' from a range of experts including a polar scientist, a solo sailor and a monk.


Read the article for some great expert tips: The Isolation Experts' Guide to Lockdown Living.

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 13.59.13.png

Ramadan: In Conversation with Babar Ahmed

The activist and blogger on spending the Islamic fasting month in solitary confinement.


Watch the video below and then listen to the full podcast at Things Unseen.

Terry Waite: What being a hostage taught me about happiness (BBC Ideas) 

Watch a short film that features Terry Waite talking about his time held in captivity in Beirut. This film is produced and featured on BBC Ideas and explores how Terry Waite managed his anger.

See the full video here: BBC Ideas - What being a hostage taught me about happiness

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