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How to...Remember your loved ones

Updated: May 22, 2020

With social distancing measures in place, it can sometimes be hard to show love to the people closest to you. Whether that means putting flowers down by a grave, or popping around to see a friend for a cup of tea, we've had to find alternative ways to make sure our loved ones know we care.

Here’s a way to show love to people during lockdown: light a candle for them or ask a community of monks to pray for them.

  • Belmont Abbey in Hereford is accepting prayer requests at this time, where their community of Benedictine Monks pray with the intentions sent to them. This is the service they offer:

Please feel free to send us your prayer requests.

Each day we pray for all the intentions that are brought before us to

stay united in Christ with those in difficulty or distress,

and to pray for the faithful departed and those they have left behind.

See their website for more details: Request a Prayer, Mass Intention or Light a 7 Day Lamp


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